International Journal of Business and Economics

International Journal of Business and Economics
Volume 9, No. 2

August​, 2010
Inducing Human Capital Formation:
How Efficient Is an Education Subsidy?
Sahana Roy Chowdhury  
Monetary Research Project, ICRA Limited, India
Indian Statistical Institute, India
This paper presents a two-step job ladder model where a skilled individual faces uncertainty in getting a skilled job and an inferior (unskilled) job down the job ladder is the alternative employment opportunity. When the probability of getting the skilled job is low enough, the model suggests the optimal policy to reach the social optimum is taxing rather than subsidizing human capital investment. The paper analyses the conditions when migration can act as a substitute for subsidizing human capital formation by moving the private optimum closer to the social optimum.
Keywords:human capital formation, externalities, job uncertainty, education subsidy, migration.
JEL Classifications:F22, H23, I30, J24.