International Journal of Business and Economics

International Journal of Business and Economics
Volume 16, No. 2

September, 2017
Getting Back to Basics with Modern Technology: Accuracy, Timeliness, and Customer Service
Lori Shelby
National Chiayi University, Taiwan
A customer placed an order for a restaurant take-out on the Internet. The order was for four meals to eat at a dinner with friends on January 23, 2015. Everyone was particularly looking forward to the Chinese dumplings. When the customer went to pick up the order at the agreed upon time, the meal was not ready or even started. When the customer got the meal home, it was discovered that egg rolls had been added and charged for, too. Unfortunately, the Chinese dumplings had not been included, but the receipt showed that the customer had been charged for dumplings as well. What should the restaurant do?
Keywords:customer service, online ordering, order accuracy, overpayment, restaurant management.