International Journal of Business and Economics

International Journal of Business and Economics
Volume 16, No. 2

September, 2017
My Soul Shoe Store Story: Poor Product Repair and Customer Service Experience
Tia Sweet
University of Waikato, New Zealand
A customer visits Soul Shoe store and purchases a pair of high priced leather boots that are advertised as “high quality”. A key aspect influencing the customer's purchase is the expectation that the “high quality” boots would be “durable” and “long lasting”. Within three hours of wearing the boots for the first time, the customer notices the entire sole of the boot has separated from the upper part. The customer returns to the store to exchange the boots, but since the store has no more stock the customer requests a refund. The refund request is promptly rejected by the sales assistant, who instead offers to repair the boots. The boots are returned to the customer one week later, but the repair is of a significantly low standard. The customer asks a different sales assistant for a refund, which is then accepted.
Keywords:buyer decision stages, buyers' remorse, product quality, post-purchase dissonance, undue pressure.